Whether you need roof replacement work done immediately in Bristow VA, or simply looking to get an assessment with a damaged roof inspection, Roof.net has you covered! Call us today to schedule a free estimate: (703) 303-8546 Find out more about us here: http://roof.net/repair/bristow

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More great feedback from Sylvia H., another happy Roof.net roof replacement customer:

My 7 year old carport was leaking and the shingles on the house were starting to lift up. I had received 3 other bids on the roof that were significantly higher. Ken was professional and attentive, honest a...

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Whether you need roof replacement work done immediately or simply looking to get an assessment with an old roof inspection, Roof.net has you covered!

Call us today to schedule a free estimate: (703) 303-8546

Find out more about us here: http://roof.net

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More great feedback from Fareshta A., another happy Roof.net roof replacement customer:

Ken turned a seemingly scary and overwhelming task into a walk in the park. I was dreading having to replace our roof but once I contacted Ken he managed to make the whole process from beginning to end a br...

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a week ago
Ken and his crew at Improve Today Inc. are great! I requested an estimate on a Monday and had a new roof by Thursday. The price was the best of the five estimates that I received and the work was top notch. They use quality materials and the work is guaranteed for 15 years—transferable to a new owner. So glad I found this company!
- Liane B
a month ago
Ken and his team are awesome. They were very quick and very professional. Ken's proposal was also the best around. They have a 5 star rating for a reason. Highly recommended.
- William M
a month ago
Ken and his team completed my roof and three of my neighbors on Thanksgiving eve in a day! With care. It was a pleasure meeting and talking to Ken throughout the day as the roof was being replaced. His price was very competitive, and the workmanship was great. His team worked efficiently with a smile and did a great job cleaning up thereafter. From the beginning getting a quote to completion of the job, Ken was personable and responsive. I would recommend his service to anyone in need of a new roof.
- vu l

Roof.net - Roof Replacement Contractor

Most homeowners are operating under the impression that the roof on their home will last anywhere between 15 years and 30 years, and for good reason – that’s the general “rule of thumb” that most folks are told about modern rooms, particularly those using asphalt architectural shingles.

But that 15 to 30-year lifespan for a roof is really only going to come into play if it hasn’t been battered by our sometimes rough and tumble Northern Virginia weather, and if it wasn’t properly installed by legitimate experts that know exactly what they are doing – like our own – the odds are pretty good you are only going to get 10 years (or less) out of that roof!

Regular maintenance and upkeep is necessary across the board on any part of your home, but particularly on your roof. After all, your roof is the number one line of defense against everything Mother Nature throws at your home. Skip out on maintenance or upkeep (or if the previous homeowner wasn’t as serious about upkeep as you are) and your roof may have already passed its expiration date.

If you want to be sure that your home is well protected, and that your roof isn’t going to “giveaway” anytime soon – particularly when the next big storm rolls through – we hope that you (like so many of our friends and neighbors have already) will contact us here at Roof.net for all your asphalt roofing needs.

Proper Roof Inspection Is Critical

Recognizing that every single roof in the Northern Virginia region is completely unique, as much as a fingerprint is, the first thing that our roofing experts are going to do upon arriving at your property is go through a multifaceted roof inspection that covers every square inch from top to bottom.

Some of the more obvious signs of roof fatigue are going to stand out like a sore thumb, but others are going to be almost invisible to anyone but the most trained and experienced roofing professionals like the ones that we employ.

Our experts are going to climb up onto your roof and give it as close to look as possible, checking not only for cosmetic damage that can usually be fixed rather quickly and inexpensively but also paying close attention for structural damage or weakness that may need to be addressed ASAP.

At the conclusion of our roof inspection, we will be able to share information about how old your roof really is, how much life your roof has remaining, and any of the other findings we were able to uncover with our comprehensive inspection.

We’ll make sure to answer any of your questions, cover any of your concerns, and check out any of the “hotspots” you may be worried about yourself.

From there, you’ll get an accurate estimate for the work that we propose you tackling at your earliest convenience and then you’ll have the opportunity to greenlight the project when you feel most comfortable doing so.

We Are Roof Replacement Specialists

As we touched on above, not all damage or weakness in your roof is going to be immediately apparent – especially not from ground level out in the front or back yard.

Our trained professionals have decades and decades of experience combing over every square inch of your roof to find the weak spots, recognizing where roofs are most likely to weaken and fatigue and where damage is most likely to accumulate.

Because we been at the roofing game for so long (we’ve been installing roofs for our Northern Virginia friends and neighbors for more than 41 years now), we know EXACTLY when damage is merely cosmetic – even if it looks catastrophic – and when there are obvious signs of weakness that need to be addressed ASAP before the house comes folding in on itself as though it were made of cards.

Our roofing specialists have all of the tools and technology they need to rebuild and restore your roof, piece by piece with repairs or with a total roof tear off and replacement, and the quality of work we provide guarantees you will be able to get AT LEAST 15 to 20 years out of your new roof (if not even longer).

We know how to squeeze every drop of performance out of the latest architectural asphalt shingles and building materials, too. Not only will you get a functional and safe roof, but you’re going to get a beautiful roof that ends up being a serious investment in your property value as well!

Our Emergency Roof Repair Services Are Ready To Go

Northern Virginia may not get hammered with serious storms the way that some of our neighboring states to the south do, but Mother Nature can certainly spin up a real doozy every now and again – sending trees, telephone poles, and other debris crashing down on top of our rooms and causing some serious devastation along the way.

If you’re dealing with an emergency roof situation, you need the help of legitimate (not to mention fully licensed and insured) professionals ASAP, we hope that you’ll think of us and reach out at your earliest opportunity.

We offer full emergency roof repair services every day of the year, and can dispatch a crew off top “roof mechanics” to your property faster than you would have thought possible. On top of that, we aren’t going to threaten to blow up your budget or bank account along the way with our emergency assistance, either!

Repair or Replacement, We’ve Got Roofing Solutions For You!

So whether you’re looking for just another set of expert eyes to double check the roof of a property your thinking about purchasing, want to have professionals come out and check over your roof to see the needs to be repaired or replaced, or need legitimate professionals to arrive ASAP to tackle a roofing emergency, we here at Roof.net are happy to help.

The reputation we’ve been able to develop over these past 41+ years in business (with glowing customer reviews and numerous industry awards) is something we are very proud of. It’s our friends and neighbors across Northern Virginia that continue to trust us with their roof, their property, and their home that makes our work so fulfilling.

If you’d like to talk about any of your roofing concerns, we hope you’ll reach out to us at your earliest convenience – or to schedule a 100% free and zero obligation roofing estimate – so that we can assist you however we can.


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